Karen Brown

Founder & Managing Director, Bridge Arrow
Karen Brown founded Bridge Arrow, a Chicago-based management consultancy, to make businesses more profitable by focusing on return on equity for investors, shareholders and employees. Karen was a senior executive at Sodexo, Baxter, Monsanto and Rockwell Collins, and recently served as Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer at Baker McKenzie, the second largest law firm in the world. With an understanding born of 25+ years in the corporate world, Karen advises global companies on how to drive growth and profitability by promoting diversity and inclusion in their organizations. She has served as a global keynote speaker and panel moderator at conferences on 6 continents. A compelling storyteller whose presentations spark conversation and spur action, Karen’s recent Harvard Business Review article on how to use data and focus groups to create more inclusive work environments has become required reading for a business class at Columbia University. Her forthcoming book, Gender Equity: How Women Leaders Make Companies Stronger, Smarter and More Profitable, based on in-depth interviews with both female and male executives, explores the business advantages of gender equity.


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