Ting Shih

CEO & Founder, ClickMedix
Ting Shih is the CEO and founder of ClickMedix, an award-winning healthcare technology platform born out of MIT to enable health organizations to serve more patients through its mHealth platform. Her areas of expertise include health technology solution design, AI/machine learning, scale-up strategy, lean/Six Sigma process improvement and operations management, and organization change management. She spent the last 10 years implementing mobile health programs across 25 countries serving ~1M patients in South Asia, Africa, South America and North America to develop financially sustainable health programs through ClickMedix platform. The programs enable health workers and nurses to setup and manage low-cost clinics using an mHealth kiosk (tablet with ClickMedix app) that integrates with a suite of point-of-care diagnostics devices to provide comparable services as a full clinic – including maternal/child care, primary care, and chronic disease management. The system also integrates with payment schemes, pharmacy inventories, and medical record systems where necessary. The mHealth kiosk prompts the health worker to go through a series of questions that mimic a doctor’s questioning of the patient to derive at a probable diagnosis while capturing patient symptoms information, images, and other related health data, which can be sent to networks of in-country and international medical specialists who can provide diagnosis and treatment advice. The system also enables home visits and community surveys to be conducted easily through mobile smartphones by health workers. Ting has worked with health systems, governments, research institutions, and private corporations to reduce costs of healthcare systematically, while reaching more underserved patients. Ting is World Summit Awards winner (2019), Asian American Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year (2018), Geneva Forum for Health Award (2016), winner of USAID / DAI Innovation into Action Challenge in 2016, Toyota Mother of Invention in 2015, and she is the Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureate 2012 for North America. She holds an MBA and MS in Systems Engineering from MIT.  In addition, she has a BS in Computer Science and MS in Software Design and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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