Wingee Sampaio

Global Program Director, Cartier Women’s Initiative
For the past few years, Wingee has coached and advised entrepreneurs, in the early stages of their businesses to scale their impact. Connected to the global ecosystem of venture capital and social impact, she is currently residing in Paris with her husband, Julio. Wingee has a passion for leading human centric innovation, through design thinking, open collaboration, and lean startup execution. She has been acknowledged for driving innovation, while balancing business commercialization objectives. She has led many cross-functional teams, engaging diverse constituencies in the dynamics of collaboration and change. Her passion in social impact sprouted from her undergraduate days at the University of California at Berkeley, with a specific passion for designing and building the capital markets ecosystem for social impact. Wingee co-authored “Impact with Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs.” Her chapter, “Angel Investing as Self Empowerment,” aims to inspire women to use their financial and human capital to create social impact. She is currently a Venture Partner for Next Wave Ventures, a social impact venture capital fund, and is on their investment committee. In her prior life, she has led the Global Product Strategy team within State Street Global Advisors' retirement business; advised central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and pensions in non-Japan Asia; advised institutional clients on alternative investments for Barclays Global Investors; and authored equity derivatives research at Goldman Sachs & Co.


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